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Security Survey


Positive Locksmiths can enhance the security of your premises by undertaking a security survey.


All doors, windows and outside security will be assessed to ensure that your home/workplace is a safe environment for you.


The findings and recommendations will be discussed with you by our highly trained Locksmith and we will aim to find the most economical solution.


We are Locksmith.and my job is to give you security . All too often I will see you after a traumatic burglary, when you are scared and upset. Many times you call me to improve your security when it is already too late. Your house is a mess and your property was stolen. Your door locks were broken, and the door frame was cracked. Entering your house was an easy task for the criminal. But I cannot turn back the clock and prevent your misfortune.


But its your job, to try to prevent this form happening again you need to get in contact with a security locksmith professional like us Positive Locksmiths,our company will recommend you the best camera system,the high security locks that will prevent from unwanted guest to enter in to your property freely.


When your business is vandalized, we respond quickly . We will fix locks which have been tampered with or maybe someone just put glue in them, We will replace your lock when the old one is broken. When you lose your door key, or someone stuck a paper in your lock, We come right over to pick the lock. or if i need to drill the lock we always have my locksmith tools with us, we let you in your business and I make you a new key, or replace your lock.


We are available for your locksmith needs when you need them 24/7.

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