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24HR - EMERGENCY Response


“24hr Emergency Locksmith . . . for secure living”



Positive Locksmiths fast, local and efficient service, we will overcome the dilemma quickly. We aim to use our specialist non-destructive technique to gain entry so you don’t incur unnecessary costs.


Burglary & Lock Repairs


We are able to repair most fixed and moving components on existing locking devices to get them working again. If this is not possible or cost effective, a suitable solution will be advised and implemented.


Lock Replacement – Commercial & Residential


We provide a complete lock replacement service on all internal and external doors, windows, garages, sheds, gates and other structures to enhance the security of either your commercial or residential premises.


New Installation


We also have the ability to install new locks and security products from fresh onto most wooden, uPVC and aluminium structures to either upgrade existing security or to comply with current BS insurance regulation.


Security Upgrade – BS:3621


Many premises remain vulnerable with sub-standard locks. If there is an attempted or actual burglary it's imperative that you're covered by your insurance company. We vow to supply and fit products that comply with European and British Standard BS:3621.


Top Tips's when dealing with an emergency.

Emergency's can come any time. It’s very strange but these days one hears of many cases related lo someone getting stuck on the road with his keys of the car lost or even at your own home, you may not be able to find your car keys.

There may be a situation when your kid manages to get himself locked inside a room or locks you only in a room. In such situations only Positive locksmiths can come to your aid.


One can find many 24 by 7 locksmiths these days. The availability of emergency services has become a must viewing the kind and frequency of emergencies we hear about these days. The most important consideration in employing a company of locksmiths is their dependability.


It is so because when you get stuck in an emergency, the most important thing is to get out of it as soon as you can. If the locksmiths, whom you have called, do not turn up in time, there is no point in calling a locksmith to take care of your emergency situations. Thus, apart from having a locksmith who is available throughout the day and can reach you anywhere in the town, it is a must qualification of a locksmith to be dependable.


The next thing you don’t want is calling a locksmith who turns up to be a burglar. It would be the worst thing to happen and as the intensity of locksmith frauds are increasing in the city. To avoid it, it is important for your emergency locksmith to be licensed and registered.. All of our Positive locksmiths are registered.


Mostly people look for locksmiths in yellow pages or through local network searches. It’s advised to go for renowned names even while searching for a locksmith. For example use search engines like yahoo, Google, msn as these are quite reliable. The search results through these engines show only reliable results. Also, while seeing the profile of a locksmith company, ensure that the company has mentioned their license in their profile; otherwise it is recommended to ignore such a company. similarly, if you have employed the services of yellow pages to look for an authentic and reliable locksmith who can look after your emergencies, it is better to talk to someone in the company and check if they are licensed or not.


Then the locksmiths company that you have selected should possess a trained team to look after emergency situations separately. This leads to fast and better services always. Also, if the company has employed locksmiths who hold a special certificate in dealing with emergency, even better!!! Nothing can beat a locksmith who is trained specially for dealing in such cases. The way they handle an emergency is outstanding. Their professionalism is quite evident from their way of working and it takes them hardly any time to look after you and your security.



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